Survival Features:

  • Steam related software.
  • Online multiplayer with tight, responsive FPS controls.
  • Mutantmode to transform the player into a Tron.
  • Skilltree based development.
  • Customizable weapons.
  • 280.000 clothing combinations.
  • Special designed weapons with multiple add-ons.
  • Day/night cycle.
  • NPC A.I. with self designed traits.
  • Team orientated map-tool for better coordination.
  • Multiple maps to travel through.
  • Build and demolish over 50 ingame objects.
MetaTron - Landscape

3.645 a.d. – T.A.O. (Tactical Aid Operations) Ltd., one of the most influential companies in the world in terms of healthcare and weapon technology, devised and developed the MetaTron program.

With the MetaTron program T.A.O started a new chapter in the history of mankind. They figured out a way to build and duplicate human cells and created the perfect host for extraterrestrial technology – the MetaTron was born. A humanoid body that carries definable mutations inside itself.

As one of thousands of Trons you are sent down to terraformed asteroids in a sun-synchronous orbit. Here your Tron is tested in matters of intelligence, effectiveness, crafting, brute strength, instincts and it´s weapon skills.

Airdrops in MetaTron the game

MetaTron – is (what we call) a fast Multiplayer – FPS – Survival – Game based on skilltree based character development and team-combat situations. As it is state of the art for modern survival gaming it contains all expected features. Such as crafting, building, exploration, open world and also vehicles.

After a rather fast build up sequence with lots of opportunities, you will be drafted into combat aligned situations. You will need to hustle with other players, NPC and hostile animals  (with self designed AI)  to make your way through the world.

But you may have the edge over others. The Tron that lies in every player! As one out of three Trons you will have the opportunity to unleash incredible power, get the ultimative scouting skills or be as hard as a rock to finish of your foes.

MetaTron Stories - Book Zuma

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